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A Letter from Fr. Ismael…

Dear Parishioners: Each year during Lenten season, the Church invites us to focus on three areas as disciples of Christ; fasting, prayer and almsgiving, so as to live and practice our faith. After reflection, consultation and prayers last summer, I presented to the Parish Staff and Parish Council the possibility of “Adopting a Refugee Family” in a response from Pope Francis’ invitation of all Catholic Dioceses and Churches to welcome refugee families. Both the Staff and Parish Council agreed on taking this project for St. Francis. So last November, I presented the project to all of you on a weekend, and we took a second collection on November 20th for that purpose.

Well, my brothers and sister, we have been working with Catholic Charities during this time, and now we do have a family from Afghanistan. They arrived in the U.S.A. and California early February of this year and I have had the pleasure to meet the family and welcome them. The family consists of seven members; Mom & Dad, three boys and two girls. At this time they are all living with a family member (Dad’s brother) who lives in Brentwood with his family. Dad had worked with the American Army and Navy for over 14 years while in Afghanistan. So as a Parish and with Catholic Charities, we are going to help this family to settle in and feel welcome to the USA and fulfill their dreams. My brothers and sisters, I am asking all or you to please pray for this family, as they go through this transition to their lives.

If you are willing to help support this family, here are some of the things we are still in need for them: 1. We are looking for a house or an apartment to rent for them. 2. We are collecting living-room furniture, lamps, TVs, and games for the children (age 7-17) 3. Cookware 4. We would like two sturdy bunk beds, and bedding 5. Bath towels and toiletries. 6. Gift card to purchase food, clothing, shoes & socks 7. If you, or someone, you know has a mini-van that you could offer or sell at a low cost to help provide transportation, that would help a lot.

I will ask if you are planning to donate or give them something, that you contact the Parish Office (925) 682-5447 and let us know what you have for them, so that we do not duplicate too many items. I want to thank you in advance for your prayers and support to this family that is in need.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ismael Gutierrez

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