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St. Francis of Assisi is a welcoming, intergenerational and multi-cultural Catholic community,
which embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ to foster Spiritual growth.

International Festival Thanks!

Thank you to all those who helped with our Festival. We could not have it run so smoothly without all who prepared the food, made the decorations, purchased all the needed items and set up and manned the booths. Thanks you to the School who made the baskets for the prize booth and helped with the children’s games. Thank you to all those who helped with the clean-up. This was one of most successful Festivals to date thanks to YOU! We raised about $44,000 which is desperately needed to offset our shortfall in sunday donations.

Congratulations to the raffle winners: 1st Prize - Camilon family ; 2nd Prize – Efrain Garcia; 3rd Prize – Lucille Lloyd


Dear Parishioners,

You may have noticed the new light fixture installed several weeks ago in the Church by the statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Would you like to join in beautifying and brightening our House of Worship? If so, you are invited to donate $1,500 per light fixture, which will cover the cost of the fixture and installation of these energy saving lights. We will even put a small plaque on the fixture with the name of the donor’s family or loved one, if requested. If you, or your family or group would like to donate, we ask that you come in to or contact the Parish Office to obtain a donation form to fill out.

May God continue to bless you,

Fr. Ismael Gutierrez





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